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BB Aquatics

is dedicated to the design and manufacture of cetareas, nurseries and aquariums.

BB Aquatics

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BB Aquatics

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BB Aquatics is a company dedicated to the design and fabrication of shellfish hatcheries, lobster beds and aquariums applying the latest technologies in filtration and water parameters. After three years of field work and investigation, BB Aquatics has developed a maintenance and feeding system which is optimum for shellfish and fish, guaranteeing an excellent growth in captivity and, therefore, contributing with the best possible values for its well being and conservation.

Design and manufacture of cetareas, nurseries and aquariums.

Bay of Biscay Aquatics

BB Aquatics markets three types of products


Nurseries for brachyuran (edible crab, spider crab, crab) or crawfish (lobster, lobster, Norway lobster) that integrate innovative technological elements, an appropriate feed for the species and a differentiating business model.


We cover from areas for large distributors to nurseries for fishmongers and large supermarkets.Currently our clients cover different skills, from training centers to large distributors, through supermarkets and fishmongers. Anything you can imagine related to aquaculture, we can manufacture it.


Online monitoring of water parameters, fully automated feed dosing systems and intelligent warning systems. Thanks to our platform all systems are controlled remotely with a simple internet connection. The latest technology on the market and patented by BBAquatics.  


Team of engineers dedicated to the design and sensorization of all kinds of structures dedicated to aquaculture.


All types of installations adapted to the customer's needs.


Assembly of all types of structures directly at the client.


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